holiday gift certificates!

happy holidaysssssss.

i hope that's in your head now. my brother in law sings JUST that line of the song over and over and over again from about mid-november until the new year. it's, charming. 

just a reminder {or maybe you didn't even know!} that we not only have gift certificates available for sessions with me but we ALSO have them available for the print store!

so maybe you look all goooood in your wedding pictures and want to print some for mama but not sure what she'll want? get her a gift certificate to use in our print store!

{cue the tears. i mean. she just loves you, baby.}

OR maybe you're the mama and your girl has really wanted a photo shoot with me for her and her family - yep, session gift certificates are available too.

email us today!

and well, happy holidaysssssssss.