why boudoir?

better question: why not?! so many of my clients come into their session nervous - even insecure - and leave feeling confident. THEN they get their images and get a chance to see themselves through my lens (which only sees beauty and stories) rather than their own (which sees what the world tells them they should be). often, these sessions are gifts for loved ones. but just as often, they’re solely for you. there’s not much more empowering that that!

There’s something so beautiful about watching a woman feel completely comfortable and sexy in her own skin.

what’s our style?

good question! i maintain the same style of photography across all of my brands - bright and airy. i totally admire the darker “sexier” boudoir style and can point you in the direction of very talented photographers if that’s what draws you! here, we shoot beautifully bright and white and clean. photos are always retouched but we don’t do, or believe in, heavy retouching that makes you look like someone else. in terms of posing: to maintain beautifully bright boudoir, i pose you naturally in flattering positions to accentuate what you want accentuated and nothing is overtly sexual. my style will always be to celebrate you - so your comfort and preferences will always be first priority!

not every woman is the same. so neither is every session. inquire today for details!

packages start at $350.

I am THRILLED!! And so excited to see my fiancés face when he sees these!
— D, boudoir client


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